Review: Superflux Craft Beer is Dead IPA

- Craft Beer is Dead IPA

Craft beer is dead, long live the IPA! I'm sure there's many who wish craft beer was dead but ha.. it ain't going anywhere anytime soon. Craft Beer is Dead is an IPA brewed to be a more classic style of IPA originally. This version is more of a West Coast/California/Blonde IPA style, hopped with Centennial, Citra, and Citra Cryo. 6.5% ABV

Appearance: Hazy golden body with a good amount of carbonation in the body as well as a very thick amount of off-white/beige head on top. The head diminishes pretty gradually leaving behind only a sprinkling of bubbles on top of the beer and a very layered lacing as the beer is getting sampled - I'm having a hard time reviewing this as I keep multitasking and forgetting about the beer!

Aroma: It's got a fairly hop presence to it, notes of pine, a slight tropical hop presence to it, a tad sulphuric aroma to it, a tad bit of soapiness, and lastly a toasted malt profile that gives it a bit of a nuttiness as well as a mild caramel sweetness to it.

Taste: It's got a good amount of graininess to it with a sweet caramel malt profile to it, tad nutty, slightly soapy, notes of pine, a bit of fruit, a hint of what I think are oats? Hmm, somewhere in there I get a hint of bubble gum. Decently sweet, not at all juicy but there is a slight fruitiness to the beer.

Overall Thoughts: Not bad but I think I'm more partial to their hazy AF beers but this does bring me back a lot of IPAs from 5+ years ago.

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