Review: Low Life IPA

Low Life Barrel House's
IPA is surprisingly just an IPA, which can be a bit of a surpriser as their beers tend to go incredibly left field and almost into wine country as they tend to focus more than barrel aged and Brett/wild yeast focused beers rather than just an IPA. I've actually reviewed an IPA of theirs in the past, Blood Cut Brett IPA, which was more in line with what I'm used to from them.

Back in September I posted a quick review on Untappd about this beer: "Not bad! Citrusy, tad sweet, very floral and and hint of dank". Well, when I wrote that, I was likely a tad tipsy. 6.6% ABV

Appearance: Dark golden/amber appearance with a lot of carbonation in the body and a very thick amount of off-beige head on top. The head diminishes very, very slowly, leaving behind a thick amount of froth and a sporadic lacing on the parts of the glass not covered by thick foam.

Aroma: Sweet malt profile with notes of honey and caramel, floral hops, a tad bit of pine for bitterness, slightly woody, slight juicy notes (pineapple, lemon, grapefruit).

Taste: Again, a sweet malt sort of IPA with honey and caramel. Good amount of tropical notes, grapefruit dominant, followed by pineapple, lemon and a hint of melon. It's a tad grainy, a tad sugary, floral and even has a slight piney for bitterness.

Overall Thoughts: When expecting a brewery to only make one kind of beer, have an open mind - this IPA is nothing like Blood Cut I had in the past but tipsy me on Untappd knew what he was talking about.. I guess, ha! Very solid IPA and eye catching artwork. Something I should sample more but there's so many breweries in Manitoba now that I can't keep up, not even with the breweries with a 250 metre range of where I live (there are two!)

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