Review: Naparbier High Voltage Porter

Today's sampling is High Voltage London Porter by Naparbier out of Spain. The beer tops out at 6.0% ABV and I'm pretty sure I purchased this in Netherlands last year - Looking back, I bought a lot of beer to take home from Europe!

As I pour it, the main thing I notice is there's a lot of head, a lot of burnt caramel/brownish foam that takes its good time to diminish, so I give it a good five.. ten minutes to go down. Suprisingly there's no lacing on the glass (or minimal at best) after all the foam I dealt with. The body itself is thick and black.

Aroma: Slightly nutty, decently sweet, slightly roasted malt, an aroma that reminds me of visiting a specific fast food joint (but can't think of it), slight hint of caramel and a slight earthiness to it.

Taste: Sweet, notes of caramel, slight roasted malt, a slight nuttiness, a hint of peat. Light bitterness from hops that linger a bit for aftertaste. Pretty straight forward, not overwhelming.

Overall Thoughts: Not a bad Porter, easy to drink, tad sweet and dark, pretty smooth.

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