Review: Corsendonk Agnus Tripel (review from the hoard)

Today's review is a beer I've been having in my hoard since COVID closed everything down, back when I had time to review more than one beer a week. I'm pretty sure I picked this up over at the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg but things are pretty much a blur to me now days. Corsendonk Agnus is a Belgian Tripel THAT has hop aroma on the nose with spices and fruit notes. Spice on the palate with well-balanced bitterness lingering in the finish. 7.5% ABV

Appearance: Pours a slightly murky with an amber-brown body to it. This looks absolutely nothing like the pictures so the beer has transformed into something quite else so far. Moderate amount of snow white head on top that diminishes to only a couple puddles of bubbles on top of the beer, no lacing.

Aroma: Definitely not as fresh as it could be. The first thing I get is a bit of a stale hop profile that gives off a bitterness as well as a woody and cardboard aroma to it. Somewhat sweet, notes of raisin and fig popping out, hint of caramel.

Taste: Not as bad as I was expecting from what I got from the aroma. It's a sweet ale with notes of raisin, honey and figs, it's fairly dry on the palate and has a hint of pear and banana/clove. Aftertaste is a tad woody.

Overall Thoughts: Brings me back memories of beers that didn't age well. It was alright but this could've been a better experience if I aged it more properly, for sure. It reminded me of a Dubbel than a Tripel, so I was expecting this to be a Dubbel when I was pouring it. 

Bottled July 24, 2020

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