Review: 9 Mile Legacy Longview Pilsner

I picked up a can of 9 Mile Legacy's Longview Pilsner a while back at Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg, I don't know when but it should be still good. The beer itself has quite a story to itself, which you can read about here. Anywho, it's a Czech-style Pilsner and tops out at 5.0% ABV.

Appearance: Very cloudy and has a hefty lemon-yellow body to it. Thick amount of snow white had on top that diminishes pretty quickly, moderate carbonation in the body itself.

Aroma: Quite sweet with a honey-like aroma to it, grassy hop, slight sharp tartness to it, lemon, slight floral notes

Taste: Sweet, slightly tart, notes of honey, bit grassy, bit of honey sweetness, and a bit of lemon at the end. 

Overall Thoughts: Not a bad Pilsner, a tad tarter than I expected but smooth and easy to drink aside from that. I can't wait to visit 9 Mile again one of these days, especially as they have moved into a much larger facility recently.. I'm glad I got to visit their tiny taproom/brewery when I could back in 2017.. it's been far too long!

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