Review: 100 Watt Orchestra of Angels New England IPA

Another beer from my hoard that I forgot all about - 100 Watt Brewery's Orchestra of Angels NEIPA. I never had time to visit 100 Watt while in Netherlands but I sampled a decent amount of their beer while I could, solid beer! Also, I love that both 100 Watt & Van Moll have scannable Spotify barcodes on the label for you to pair the beer with curated music!

From the website: Golden liquid goodness!! Creamy & smooth, extremely fruity by tons of late & dry hopping! 6.3% ABV / 35 IBU

Appearance: Heavy, dark orange with almost a creamsicle vibe going on in the body. The head starts out pretty thick with a beige hue to it but diminishes rather quickly to leave behind a nice layered lacing on the glass and a minimal amount of head on the top of the beer itself.

Aroma: Sweet and tropical. Notes of pineapple, melon, lemon and orange peel. There's a bit of caramel maltiness and a leafy hop profile at the end. No noticeable bitterness.

Taste: Nothing overly aggressive about this beer, it's sweet and has a decent tropical presence to it. The beer has an abundance of leafy hop presence to it, notes of caramel, a hint of pineapple, orange peel, lemon and a hint of a candy sweetness at the very end. There's definitely a yeasty bitterness near the end but that's expected from a NEIPA-style beer.

It's crazy how the New England IPA trend is pretty much everywhere now and this is pretty much what I recall for your typical NEIPA, and it’s nice to see a solid one from the other side of the Atlantic.

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