Review: Madri Excepcional Lager El Ama de Madrid

I receive on average of one to twenty emails a day with almost all of them are ads or random press agencies who don't understand what my blog is even about and try to do a "collab" with me. One of the more recent press releases was about a "taste of Madrid" beer called Madrí Excepcional. I wasn't really interested because there's enough import-themed beers beers being produced domestically in Canada that there's a fine line between an import and a premium domestic. Looking back, I was a big fan of the Molson band "A Marca Bavaria" in the mid 2000s.. it was pretty much Molson trying to capitalize on the popularity of Corona at the time, but this time doing a Brazilian take. Once it was discontinued I never saw the brand ever mentioned again, it was almost as if the beer only existed as a product exclusively in Canada.. every other beer I ever searched from 2009 and on would bring me the Bavaria line of beers by Royal Swinkels Family Brewers in Netherlands, not related with each other at all.

So, why am I reviewing this? A beer rep sold me on the beer at a local beer fest and told me I could buy individual cans at beer vendors.. there's no way I'm spending close to $30 CAD for a twelve-pack in this economy. Sure, I'm here to give you an unbiased review so you can make your own decision whether or not you should try it out, but I don't make any money off this website (ps.. feel free to buy me a beer on the right, if you really enjoy what I write).

Appearance: Pours a very pale yellowish-golden straw body with a thick amount of snow white head on top and a good amount of micro-carbonation in the body itself. The lacing is really nice as the beer is getting sipped on, leaving behind a nice layering of foam on the glass.

Aroma: A sweet-forward lager with a sweet honey-like presence to it, a bit of straw, a faint hint of bubblegum and apple.  Once we get past that, where's the rest of the beer? I want a grassy hop profile or more from the grain(s) used.. it's light for the sake of being light it seems. 

Taste: Sweet malt with honey, a hint of apple, a subtle straw presence. Something tickles the back of my mouth and tongue but I don't know what to describe it as. Fairly watery for mouthfeel and the aftertaste is a slightly obnoxious apple/barley taste to it.

Overall Thoughts: Okay, I get what this is supposed to be - Molson's direct competition to Stella Artois. If I had to choose, I'd choose Stella. 

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