Review: Unibroue P'tite Maudite Belgian Single Brune

So, there's times in life where good thing I wait a while before I do something, such as a review. I've been aching to review Unibroue's newest beers (to me) since sometime mid to late last year. Unibroue retired their Blonde de Chambly in favour of a new lighter Saison called Saison Libre, and as well brought out a lighter, more sessionable take on North America's first "strong beer" (not malt liquor) Maudite with P'tite Maudite at 4.0% ABV. Wellllll, my pricy memory card I purchased at my previous job pre-COVID conked out. A few days ago it was working fine but erased every photo except four specific photos taken since 2022, but all my 2019-2020 photos were still there. I was planning on reviewing P'tite Maudite and Saison Libre two weeks ago but thankfully having a busy as heck schedule allowed me to write today's review rather than do a completely re-do. A lot of those photos are now long gone but thankfully I wasn't 100% an idiot - I backed up a lot of the photos (not all, boo) back when Google offered FREE! Unlimited! Photo Storage! So for those who care about your data/memories, make sure you always have multiple copies and at least one secure somewheres in the cloud.

Now on to today's review of Unibroue's P'tite Maudite. It's a Belgian Single that tops out at 4.0% ABV and is described as Spicy and smooth, this brown ale, with its light character, delivers caramel malt flavours and delicate bitterness. While the era of the Chasse-galerie legend is in the past, today’s generations still feel the same longing for pleasure.

Appearance: The beer starts off a tad murky with a caramely brown hue to it but quickly clears up to be a fairly clear amber ale. The head is quite thick with a light beige hue on top. It doesn't help that I used a 'taster' glass for it but it looks all nice just for the photo.

Aroma: Sweet with a hint of honey, clove, raisins, a tad bit of soap and for some reason a undeniable 7-UP aroma to it.. not sure how but it's very possible my senses are playing with me. Not as sweet as it usually is but pretty welcoming nonetheless. Slight hint of iron at the end.

Taste: Slightly sweet with notes of honey and raisin, a tad spiced, slight hint of vanilla and toasted malt. Quite a creamy, frothy mouthfeel for every sip. Aftertaste notes of slightly bitter hops and a hint of raisin.

Overall Thoughts: A great lower ABV tribute to an international classic. Fairly light compared to a regular Maudite but very easy to drink, it for sure brings me back memories.

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