Review: Happy Dad x Death Row Records Grape Hard Seltzer

It was just last week that I first heard of Happy Dad Hard Seltzer and since then I've been to my local LC and heard people asking for it. I'm not a seltzer fan at all but with a name like Happy Dad.. I'm assuming this is aiming towards oh god.. my generation of beer drinkers. I can't believe I'm that old but here we are. Today's sampling is a Death Row Records Grape hard seltzer brewed with water, vodka, sugar, etc. 

Carbonated water. Very fizzy. Clear, of course.

Aroma: Full on grape soda or grape freezie, nice! No overly booziness to it. Pretty much the smell of childhood summers in the 90s so far.

Taste: At this step of a seltzer.. this is where seltzers lose me completely. All seltzers to me taste like if you went to a Burger King (don't know why specifically them) and ordered a soda.. At this point in the day they're at the very end of their soda syrup concentrate so you get mostly carbonated fizzy water which has a bit of a bitterness to it.. and a hint of sweetness, in this case - purple stuff.. er.. grape. That's what it is for me, it's a very faint grape-like taste with a lot of a soda water taste to it. Oh, I do get a bit of white freezie taste in there too.. which is supposed to be cream soda apparently.

Overall Thoughts: I don't know, you tell me if you would like that, maybe you do but definitely not for me. Keep being you while I'll just keep reviewing whatever's interesting to me. The branding is on point though, reminds me of a PBR/Grain Belt/cheap beer sort of brand that hipsters loved in the mid-late 2000s and by now most of them are somehow dads with a library of all the dad jokes to ever exist.

What do I want in a seltzer? I like overly sweet things or just something that's just not soda water/booze and a hint of flavouring. I'm also a picky eater so feel free to disregard what I said.

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