Review: Skout Middle Coast Session IPA

New(ish) sampling from Skout Brewing out of Moosomin, SK! Today I'm checking out Middle Coast Session IPA. At 5.1% ABV... I'd call it more an IPA than Session but a regular ol' IPA is on the verge of going up to 6.5% so yeah.. I guess it could be considered a session. 

Tasting notes: tropical aroma with notes of mango and papaya, moderate bitterness. Pairs well with: beach days, spicy food and Muskoka chairs.

Appearance: Pretty clear with an amber-honey colour to it. The head is moderate with a light beige hue to it and diminishes a tad on the glass leaving a bit of a lacing.

Aroma: There's a good amount of hoppiness to this beer - floral and bitter hops, notes of grapefruit, lemon, slight hint of grapefruit. A pretty solid take on a NW IPA so far.

Taste: The hops are the star of the show, but it shouldn't be surprise as they're sourced from JGL Shepherd Farms just down the road from Moosomin! There's a lot of grapefruit and lemon, a bit of an alfalfa-like leafiness, and a good amount of caramel and other sweetness to it.

Overall Thoughts: Solid IPA, lots of hops in every sip, exactly what I want in an IPA! It's almost time for me to make another visit to the brewery.. so stay tuned!

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