Review: Barn Hammer Rice Krispy Boi Lager

Barn Hammer's
Rice Krispy Boi Lager is ready for crushing. We used rice to make this lager as clean and crisp as possible, the rice also gives the beer a mildly sweet finish. 4.5% ABV

Appearance: Nice golden straw body with a moderate amount of carbonation in the body as I pour it but the internal bubbling goes away near immediately but it leaves behind a really nice snow white head on top that reminds me of the lagers my parents would drink back in the 90s.

Aroma: Faint sweetness that has a bit of honey to it, slight grassiness and a slight graininess from the malt used. Not coming off as aggressive, pretty straight forward.

Taste: Sweet-forward rice lager with there being a honey sweetness right from the beginning, making it a tad sweeter than most lagers I've been having lately. Definitely krispy on the palate, as it's pretty darn dry and has a slight slight ever so slight bitterness at the end.. almost reminiscent of a champagne-beer?

Overall Thoughts: Weirdly reminds me of a champagne-forward beer but only so slight. It's a tad sweet, yet quite dry. Not bad at all, quite crushable(tm).

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