Review: Low Life Barrel House Blood Cut Brett IPA

A few weeks ago I reviewed Low Life Barrel House's Tempestarii New World Saison, which.. according to the lack of availability at my local LCs in recent days, has become a fan favourite. Blood Cut Brett IPA made its way to Brandon a few weeks later. This was the first beer I ever tried by Low Life Barrel house in Winnipeg. Blood Cut is a Brett IPA that's foeder aged, cool fermented with tropical fruits and funk, tops out at 6.5% ABV.

Appearance: A rich dark golden body with a bit of cloudiness to it, moderate amount of carbonation in the body and a very light and minimal amount of head on top.. in fact there's only a sprinkling of head near the glass itself.

Aroma: I've had this straight out of the can before and in a glass and the aroma is much more than just Brett when in a glass - I get a nice sweet fruitiness right from the beginning, it's kind of a combination of strawberry and sweet cherry. Following the sweet fruitiness, we get the Brett funk we knew to expect - it's funky, mildly sour, and bit of a barn-like aroma to it. Not really noticing much from hops aside from the fruitiness.

Taste: Sour right from the beginning, it tingles the palate a great deal with a good amount of dryness going on. There's the fruitiness of strawberry and sweet cherry that we saw in the aroma again, which is insanely inviting. The Brett's barnyard funk isn't as prominent as we saw in the aroma but it's there. There's a bit of a woodiness, a hint of butterscotch and a hint of piney hops at the end. Quite dry for mouthfeel, the aftertaste is a bit of butterscotch and fruits.

Overall Thoughts: Brian did a great job again! At $4.00 per can, this is insanely affordable for a Brett beer, so this has become one of my go-to beers in recent days. This Brett IPA is sour, sweet and eventually has a piney hop presence. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Low Life has up their sleeves. Note to self: buy a couple cans of this before the local LC sells out completely.

Low Life also had a Blood Cut Pale Ale until recently, you can check out my review here.

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