Review: Nonsuch Belgian Blonde Ale

For my final review of the decade, I'm reviewing Brasserie Nonsuch's Belgian Blonde Ale. Considering I'm a huge fan of almost all things Belgian-style, I've only sampled around seven different Belgian Blonde Ales in my life, with Leffe Blonde being the most well known one.

From their website: "This golden-coloured ale opens with light grain aromas with nutty notes followed by sweet malt and apricot flavours and a drying finish / Cette bière dorée s'ouvre sur de légers arômes de grain avec des notes de noisette, suivis de doux arômes de malt et d'abricot sur une finale sèche."

Appearance: This Belgian Blonde Ale pours a very cloudy blonde with with a light amount of carbonation body and a moderate one finger's worth of snow white head on top. The head is a bit fizzy so diminishes pretty quickly to leave behind a light amount of head on top. No noticeable lacing on the side of the glass.

Aroma: Decently sweet with notes of honey, a bit of a toasted malt profile to give it a very subtle hint of nuttiness, and a hint of apricot at the end. It has a bit of a classic Pilsner aroma coming up at the very end.

Taste: The first thing I get is a bit of a booziness, a sweet Belgian-ale booziness that reminds me a tad of a Belgian tripel. The ale is decently sweet with a good deal of sweetness coming right from the malt, a honey-like sweetness as well, as well as a bit of an apricot fruitiness. The hops are mostly grassy, the aftertaste is mostly the sweetness of the malt with a Pilsner-meets-Tripel like taste to it.

Overall Thoughts: One thing I said in a review just the other day that I should say again - if you want to get the full experience out of a beer, drink it from a glass and not from a can because theres flavours and aromas that you just won't get in a can that you will in the glass - For me, I wasn't really a fan of this beer because I mainly drank it out of a can, it had a bit of an off taste to it that I can't describe.. but when in a glass, I don't get any of that off taste at all, I also get more of a Belgiany vibe and a bit of apricot when poured in a glass that I just never experienced right out of the can. I find that this is a decent beer for those who are already familiar with Little Brown Jug's 1919 Belgian Pale Ale but don't want something that's too aggressive. This Belgian Blonde is sweet, malty, a tad boozy with a Belgian yet almost Pilsner-like vibe to it, while I'd say this isn't aggressive.. it definitely would be too strong for someone like my parents as I can just picture my mom cringing if she were to take a sip.. but she can continue to drink her Molson Ultras as she likes things as light as possible.


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