Review: Kilter Brewing S'More Scout

Today I'm checking out Kilter Brewing's S'More Scout S'mores Stout which is described as a campfire s'mores stout brewed with graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, cocoa, smoked malt, milk sugar, and a touch of cinnamon & vanilla. 7.5% ABV

I think of Kilter as more of a tropical juice bomb brewery than anything else so I kind a tad weird having a beer by them that's not going to be juicy as heck. That said, I bought a bunch of ¡Jajaja! (review coming soon) the other day and absolutely loved every sip of it, so I damn well know that Miguel et Cie will do an awesome job. A s'mores themed stout is something that's absolutely perfect for this time of year, especially with it being like -20 out right now.

Appearance: Rich dark stout with a burnt caramel head to it. The beer leaves behind a moderate amount of web-like lacing as the beer goes down bit by bit.

Aroma: Quite sweet with notes of caramel, marshmallows, cocoa nibs, and a hint of graham crackers. Definitely a dessert/bonfire-themed stout. Very subtle hint of cinnamon at the very end.

Taste: The first thing I get from this beer is the cocoa nibs to give off a rich milk chocolatey vibe to it. There's a hint of smoke, but just a hint. Notes of caramel, a bit of a graham cracker presence and a hint of booziness as it warms up. I also get a decent amount of vanilla as it warms up, definitely well enjoyed on this balmy -20 wintery night. Quite sweet but not too sweet if you know what I mean.

Overall Thoughts: Miguel et Cie have made some really fine stouts with this and ¡Jajaja!. I've had a few stouts that were more s'moresy than this but usually those ones really amped up the smoke and I'm someone who likes smokey beers but most people don't so this is nice for those who want a solid desserty stout with notes of cocoa, marshmallow, graham crackers and the like. 

Excited for their brewery to open up in Saint Boniface next year, French Winnipeg definitely needs an awesome craft brewery and as someone who is a fan of St B, it's going to fit in the neighbourhood really well! Santé!

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