Review: Kilter Cerveza Mexicana Clara (Kilter Vintage Cerveza)

I had someone go "why are you reviewing so many Kilter beers lately?" Well, I don't do it deliberately but hey, it's my website - I'm going to review beers that pop out at me by breweries I enjoy and with the schedule I have, I don't have time to review anything to begin with. How about YOU start reviewing beers? Huh!

Anywho, I was at Kilter a few weeks ago and that visit had me review their Japanese-style rice lager, which was pretty much your dad's beer. Since then, they came out with a Mexican-style cerveza called Vintage Cerveza Mexican Corn Lager. The beer tops out at 4.5% ABV and with Corona being brewed in Edmonton for almost two years now, if you're going to drink a Mexican style beer in Canada, why not drink one made locally with money staying locally?!

Appearance: The beer pours a very pale straw/lemon yellow with a very light to somewhat moderate amount of carbonation going on in the body and a decent amount of snow white head at the beginning, only to diminish to only a couple bubbles here and there at the end.

Aroma: Slightly sweet, hint of cream corn, toasted grain, a tad grassy, hint of lemon, subtle hint of honey for sweetness at the end. Thankfully no skunkiness.. one of the worst beers I ever had was a bottle of Corona that was left outside for a few weeks.

Taste: The hops are the dominating profile this time around to give off a mild bitterness taste but now it gives off more of a taste that reminds me of unlimited Mexican resort cervezas from when I was younger. It's still a tad sweet, definitely has a bit of corn presence to give me a bit of a nacho vibe to it (now I want nachos!), hint of honey and lemon. 

Overall Thoughts: I still remember it was exactly year ago I was chatting with Miguel at Kilter at a concert and we both talked about how nobody gets excited about a lager because what's there to get excited about? Coming from his original Vintage Pilsner to this is a huge jump.. going from an aggressive Pilsner aiming for beer geeks like myself to coming out with wowing Lagers & Pilsners that I'm calling "dad beers". I wish there was a market for 15-packs for stuff like this but your typical dad beer drinker now days is eyeing on insane deals on Molbatts products at the LC instead of splurging on quality products, can't win them all but like their Japanese-style Rice Lager, this is definitely a "dad beer" to me, easy to drink, nothing that will offend anyone at all.. frankly, it's too smooth.

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