Review: Kilter Ikigai Vintage Rice Lager

Kilter Ikigai Rice LagerSoooo, Kilter has not one but two three new to me lagers, yes lagers! They have a Czech-style Lager as well as a Japanese-style Rice Lager (edit: as of when I published this.. also a Mexican lager!). Today's sampling is the Rice Lager, called Ikigai. The first thing I noticed was that the can itself gave off a vibe that reminds me of a beer from Japan brewed in Ontario, yknow what one I'm talking about.

A light, dry, and super crisp Rice Lager (4.5%) brewed with flaked rice and effervescently carbonated. 4.5% ABV

Appearance: Very faint and light yellow straw body with a good deal of carbonation going on in the body while the head itself gives off little head at all, just a few patches of bubbles here and there but not all over.

Aroma: Crisp, light, lagery, a tad sweet, lots of doughiness, and a bit familiar. It's familiar in two instances for me - It reminds me of their standard Kilter Vintage but much more mellow and made more for the not-so-crafty lager drinker, but it also reminds me of macro lager as well.. I can't pin my nose on it but it's definitely got an aroma that could be either North America or Japan really. 

Taste: Very mellow for a beer coming from Kilter. It's got a bit of a graininess of barley that gives it a slightly toasted presence to it, a bit of a fresh dough vibe, hint of honey, and a hint of hops at the end that give off a slight bitterness but also a bit of a grassy profile to it. Very easy on the palate.

Overall Thoughts: This is going to be your typical Dad beer, the kind of beer where he's manning the barbecue, grilling some burgs n dawgs, has a Spotify playlist with Kim Mitchell playing off his phone.. that kind of beer. Not your typical beer geek lager. Very easy to drink to the point that I could get my mom to try this without any cringing face remarks. 

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