Review: Libra Non-Alcoholic Cherry Sour (Upstreet Brewing)

It's been a good moment since the last time I reviewed a non-alcoholic beer. Today's sampling is Libra Non-Alcoholic Cherry by Upstreet Brewing out of PEI. The sour is 0.4% ABV and contains water, malted barley, malted whedat, flaked barley, cherry juice concentrate, sour blend, yeast and hops.

Appearance: Looks like a cherry seltzer so far for me - very fizzy with a thick amount of a bright white head on top. The body itself is a bright pink/rosé in appearance, slightly cloudy.

Aroma: Fairly light with notes of straw, a slight tartness to it and a faint cherry presence to it. Slight floral hop presence at the end.

Taste: Surprisingly metallic and has a raw graininess to it that I get from a lot of NA beers. The cherry is there but it's very faint, which is a shame because I was hoping for a kick in the face from the sour cherry notes in it. There IS a sourness bite at the very end but doesn't really taste like anything.

Overall Thoughts: The cherry was too faint and the sourness wasn't really there but it's nice to see this kind of style making its way into NA beer. I have other Libra beers to review in the new future so stay tuned!

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