Review: Dageraad Randonneur Saison

Today's review is Dageraad Brewing's Randonneur Saison. I picked this up at a liquor store while in Vancouver - I wasn't going to have time to visit the Dageraad this time around and sample their Belgian ales, but I needed to make sure I brought something back from Vancouver, so I picked this up!

From the website: Randonneur Saison was created in the tradition of farmhouse ales brewed for farm labourers during harvest season in northern France and Wallonia. Peppery and hoppy, effervescent and bone-dry, Randonneur Saison refreshes after cycling through the countryside or harvesting produce in your own garden. Randonneur is fermented with a French Saison yeast and bottle conditioned for natural carbonation, and an extra layer of complexity. 6.4% ABV

Appearance: Oh, this is an overly carbonated beast! Well, the beer doesn't gush out nor does it overflow at all but I did get a tad scared that it might have. The body is very bright and cloudy in appearance with a good amount of carbonation throughout the beer, while the head is thicc and you may think it's not going anywhere, it's actually quite fizzy with it diminishing rather quickly, leaving behind a layered lacing on the glass. 

Aroma: Lemon, straw, a tad tart, floral hops and a bit of a horse saddle/leather aroma at the end. Very crisp to the nose, tingles just a tad but gives off an old world-new world sort of Saison to me. Zesty.

Taste: This is an incredibly fizzy Saison on the palate, it tickles every part of my mouth.. he he he! There's notes of lemon, a slight Dove soap presence, Noble hops to give it a grassy yet pleasantly floral presence to it, a bit of spice.. something that wants me to reminisce of Brooklyn's Sorachi Ace Saison but nowhere near like that beer, I miss that one (thanks Jonny!)

As it warms up a tad, I get a bit of straw, a slight grittiness from the grains used and a nice honey sweetness at the end. Subtle hint of bubble gum, a tad Champagne/Sparkling Wine vibe.. I definitely get a tad gassiness in the stomach from this.

Overall Thoughts: I've been craving a specific kind of Saison for several months and this isn't quite it but it scratched a well needed Saison itch. It was a tad more tart (and fancier) than I'd want but it was very crisp, easy to drink, notes of honey, straw and very carbonated in every sip.. a relaxing kind of beer.

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