A visit to Vancouver - Part Two - Four Winds and Dageraad

Last week I posted about my visit to Fuggles & Warlock and Barnside, today I'm posting about my visit to Four Winds and Dageraad. Four Winds and Dageraad both were awarded Best Brewery in Canada at the Canadian Beer Awards in the past, so it's cool to visit two breweries that get a lot of praise throughout the Canadian beer industry. I've had Four Winds in the past thanks to Foudres Unis beer festival, but never had Dageraad before, though I was told by multiple people to pick up some Dageraad back when I was in Calgary.

Today's post took several days longer than expected because my computer crashed on me the other day so I lost all my edited pictures of my visit to Four Winds and Dageraad, but thankfully I had the RAW files on my SD card.

Four Winds Brewing - Delta, BC
At this point in the day, I had been up for several hours and my body was still working on Manitoba time so I was feeling like it was closer to dinner time than lunch time for me but it was only something like 1PM when we arrived at Four Winds. Immediately as we show up, we noticed that the taproom was completely packed compared to Fuggles & Warlock and Barnside, which only had a couple others sampling product. This place was packed but it had an absolutely great vibe to it, a packed brewery taproom just isn't something I'm used to at 1PM on a weekday. On this day, every brewery we went to there was someone Chris knew, and this was no exception - the bartender knew Chris well and was absolutely friendly and was giving me suggestions on what I should try.. I was honestly overwhelmed because at this time I only ever had Four Winds twice in my life. Only a few minutes in, their head brewer Kylo popped in the taproom and gave us a tour of the facility, which is in multiple buildings due to spacing issues. Thanks Kylo & team for an awesome tour!

Sampling a German Pilsner and I believe a Saison

Belgian Tripel in the brewery


Guy Fieri! Kylo received a signed picture of the Mayor of Flavourtown for Christmas. I'm so jealous

Four Winds' newest space

Barrels galore!

I wish picked up some bottles to take back home with me but hindsight is 20/20

I wasn't hungry but Chris ordered tacos that looked absolutely delish

Dageraad Brewing - Burnaby, BC

I don't remember the first time I heard about Dageraad Brewing, I think it might've been by my buddy Ben or it may have been one of my Calgary buddies who was able to pick up their beer at the local bottle shops, but I definitely don't remember. I do remember hearing about how the brewery makes some of the best Belgian-style beers in all of Canada.. and I'm someone who has sampled some of the best Belgian-style beers in the world so that's quite a high statement. Well, do they make some of the best Belgian-style beers out there? Yep! Everything I had was 4/5 or better. 

While at the brewery's taproom I had their Burnabarian table beer, Rainshine Belgian Blonde, Mirth and Lemon Tart Saison, all being absolutely worth raving. 

The brewery's taproom had a cool simplistic but kinda artsy vibe to it, definitely a tad hipster but nothing wrong with that, I'm definitely one myself. 

Posters of past events

Various awards from BC Beer Awards and Canadian Brewing Awards

Blurry photo of their menu

I honestly probably couldn't tell you which beer is which but they were all great

Antwerpen Belgian Tripel

Lots of variety for swag

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