Review: Postmark Lotus IPA (Batch No. 08)

I bought this IPA at the Quality Beer Store a few months ago so it may not be at its peak anymore, but I've been meaning to review this for a few months. Postmark Brewing's beer has been available in Manitoba for something like four years now, but I've only sampled it a few times, mostly when I'm at the Quality Beer Store.

Their Lotus IPA is a Hazy IPA brewed with the experimental Lotus hop. The beer has flavours of candied berry, vanilla and tropical juice. 6.3% ABV/38 IBU

Appearance: Cloudy with a lemon yellow hue to it. The head is moderate with a bit of a fluffy white appearance to it. The head diminishes fairly quickly, leaving behind a good amount of layers for the lacing. Very light amount of head on top of the beer once it settles.

Aroma: Creamy aroma with a bit of vanilla, not the freshest hops, mildly bitter, sweet caramel, a tad floral and a very faint fruity berry aroma at the end.

Taste: A bit of a creaminess to the beer which is probably related to the vanilla notes of the beer. Decent amount of sweetness with caramel, a hint of raisin, a hint of a berry that I can't put my finger on.. I want to say blackberry or cassis but not tart. There's a bit of a soapiness to the beer, a light bitterness, a bit of lemon, and a tad peppery spiciness.

Overall Thoughts: I don't recall ever trying anything with the Lotus hop in it so not sure what to compare it to. As for this being a hazy IPA, it's a bit of a cloudy IPA but doesn't really pop out at me as a hazy. Tad citrusy, but more vanilla/creaminess than anything else for me. Fairly smooth, sweet, tad bitter. Not bad.

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