Review: Rebellion Oatmeal Stout

It's been over a year and half since the last time I visited Regina's Rebellion Brewing, but back when I visited last time they didn't have a canning line up and running yet so all their beer to go was in growler form (Edit: they did do bottles back then too). Fast forward to now, now they have a canning line and their beer is finally in Manitoba, even if it's just at one store, the best store, the Quality Beer Store. Talking to Mark at Rebellion, he said it was a serious chore to get into Manitoba because the MLCC was dragging their feet to allow them into the province, because it's the MLCC, nothing they do makes sense, and not only that - a lot of their beer was sitting in MLCC's warehouse for several months before it got green lit to be sold.

I picked up a four pack of Rebellion's Oatmeal Stout because well.. who doesn't love oatmeal stouts?!

From the label: "Don't be afraid of the dark; snuggle up to our comfy, cozy Oatmeal Stout! This jet-black beer is silky-smooth, rich and satisfying with no harshness.  It has notes of freshly roasted coffee, dark chocolate, caramel and creamy toasted oats that slowly reveal themselves as you enjoy a pint. It's excellent with heavy beef dishes, decadent desserts and sitting around the campfire. Ingredients: Barley, oats, hops, yeast, water." 5.5% ABV

Appearance: Yep, jet-black stout. Has a decent amount of burnt caramel head on top that quickly diminishes to leave behind a thin layer of burnt caramel bubbles on top of the beer, very light amount of lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Notes of roasted malt to give off a rich bitter coffee aroma, chocolate, a hint of oatmeal and a hint of caramel.

Taste: Very smooth Oatmeal Stout, I'm a few minutes into writing this up and I've already sampled 1/4 of the beer, so much for savouring! It's smooth with a creamy mouthfeel, has notes roasted malt to give off a coffee-like presence, a bit of milk chocolate but as well as dark chocolate, there's a tad sour aftertaste lingering on the tongue for a few moments after savouring the beer. Good amount of sweetness and a hint of tobacco at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Absolutely solid Oatmeal Stout by Rebellion, smooth, rich and very easy to drink. I'm glad to see Rebellion's beer in Manitoba, it's about time! I do wish I could get this beer here in Brandon but I guess going to Winnipeg is bit easier than driving to Regina.

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