Review: Container Brewing Destination NEDIPA

I'm doing a review of a beer from a brewery that I will be featuring in an upcoming edition of my visit to Vancouver - Container Brewing. I never heard of Container Brewing until the day Chris and I made the trek to the brewery but I had an absolutely fun time there. A lot of Container Brewing's beers pay tribute to the shipping industry, one of the most important industries for Vancouver. The building is even (partly?) built out of a shipping container. 

Today I'm checking out their Destination New England Double IPA that tops out at a whopping 9.2%!!!! ABV, making it one of the stronger Double IPAs I've had in a while, and also the strongest New England Double IPA I've ever had.

From the label: "You might want to sit down for this. A double NEIPA for when you are looking or that one beer to deliver you to your destination. You might find it hard to stop at one; maybe just get off at the next stop?" Water, malt, hops yeast.

Unfortunately for me, right after I got a good photo or two of the beer, something happened to my SD card where all the photos I took today either corrupted or completely disappeared off the memory card completely.. that's a first for me.

Appearance: Pours a cloudy orange body with quite a bit of floaters throughout the beer but mostly concentrated around the middle. The head is thick and snow white, reminiscent of the foam from dish soap. Unfortunately since the memory card corrupted, you couldn't see how fluffy it was! As the beer diminishes a tad, there's a good amount of lacing on the side of the glass retaining, not going anywhere.

Aroma: Sweet, tropical with notes of pineapple, grapefruit, orange and guava. It's a tad boozy to give off a kind of boozy fruity cooler vibe to it.. but much better than that.. it slightly burns the nostrils so you know this is going to be strong. Full on sweet and there's a bit of a soapiness at the very end. Not really much else to write about but it does have a slight grassiness as well.. that's about it.

Taste: Full on juicy and tropical - same fruits as described before - pineapple, grapefruit, orange and guava. You can really feel the 9.2% ABV hit you every sip you take. There's a good amount of yeastiness in there, a boozy caramel syrupy taste that slightly burns the back of the mouth but doesn't bother the throat at all. Slight grassy hop profile as well, very very juicy.

Overall Thoughts: I really didn't expect to be trying a New England Double India Pale Ale today, especially one at 9.2% ABV. This is quite boozy but still has all the juicy and haziness you expect in a typical every day NEIPA. I think I have another can of this lying around so I'll definitely be enjoying that on my Friday evening. Serious props to Container Brewing - absolutely enjoying this, though I feel like this needs to be shared. Look out for my visit to Container Brewing coming in coming days/months/years. 

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