Review: Modern Times Fruitlands Gose

A buddy brought me a can of Modern Times' Fruitlands Gose a while back, it took me a while to go out and review this beer. Fruitlands Gose is is tart, fruity, & frighteningly delicious. The sour, salty base beer lays down the funky refreshment, while a heavy dose of passion fruit and guava turns the whole thing into a wall-to-wall tropical fruit fiesta. It’s a marvelous mix of elements that collides with your mouth like a fruit-filled asteroid of flavor traveling at the supersonic speed of party.

Appearance: Moderately cloudy with a golden straw body to it, moderate amount of carbonation and a finger's thickness of snow white head on top.

Aroma: Sweet, a bit salty and tropical, slightly sour. I get a hint of mango, passionfruit and guava from this beer.. I often second guess myself when it comes to fruity notes in a beer but guava was the very first thing I got from the beer before I read the label.. yep, there's definitely guava!

Taste: Sweet, salty, tropical and a tad sour. The sourness of the beer is light to moderate and hits the palate but quickly disappears in an instant. I get notes of guava, passionfruit and a subtle hint of pear. There's a hint of graininess from the malt. Decent amount of saltiness in here to give it a bit of a tropical beach side drink vibe to it.

Overall Thoughts: I tend to stay away from goses for some reason but this one was decently fruit-forward with a dash of saltiness and a sourness that is expected but is welcoming and doesn't linger for too long. Easy to drink and would be very pleasant to savour in the summer time or at a nice tropical beach. 4.8% ABV

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