Review: Half Pints Major Tomcat Brut Saison

I picked this up at the Quality Inn Beer Store a few months back on one of my most recent visits to Winnipeg. I knew this beer was a Brut beer but I was thinking it was a Brut IPA and not a Brut Saison. Today I'm taking a look at Half Pints' Major Tomcat Brut Saison.

I've been a fan of Half Pints longer than any brewery not named Unibroue and their Saison de la ceinture fléchée was one of the very first Saisons I ever had.. which thanks to that very beer ended up making it one of my favourite styles of beer of all time. I don't think that Half Pints will be coming out with la ceinture fléchée this year unfortunately but seeing this in my hoard.. I'm excited as Half Pints does a great job at Belgian-style beers even though they do it only once in an incredibly blue moon.

From the label: "Here it is, sitting in a tin can. A zero-gravity close encounter of the purred kind.  With ingredients as international the Space Station giving notes of white tree fruit, cotton candy, and a crisp, dry finish. Major Tomcat has really made the grade." 5.9% ABV / 0ÂșP Final Gravity

Appearance: Pours an opaque orange body that's reminding me a bit of la ceinture fléchée. Very light amount of carbonation in the body and the head is off-white and fizzes away pretty quickly, minimal lacing.

Aroma: Saisons like this are why I fell in love with Saisons in the first place - this is sweet with notes of bubble gum and cotton candy, a tad yeasty, floral hop notes and a hint of spiciness at the end.

Taste: Notes of bubble gum right from the very beginning, it's got a bit of caramel sweetness, floral hops, a hint of lemon, a hint of a sourness, a hint of pepper/clove at the end. It's quite dry for the mouthfeel and the aftertaste is fairly light except for a mildly bitter pine presence at the very end.

Overall Thoughts: Citrusy, bubblegum, floral hop presence and a hint of spice at the end. This brings me back memories of la ceinture flĂ©chĂ©e.. which I wish they'd bring back. I'm glad to see Half Pints doing more seasonals but unfortunately I seem to miss out on them unless if I happen to be in Winnipeg. I'll be reviewing their Laser Mercaticorn IPA in a few days and I'm excited as Randy from Prairie Mountain Hops keeps telling me I need to try it.. and I picked up two of the last four cans at the brewery so knowing Randy.. it'll be worth it! PS - loving these cat themed beers, I wish there was a beer named after my parents cat Whisky (see below):

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