Review: Vessel Hoagie Boyz Cold Cut IPA

Originally written back in like September 2022

It's 2022 and a brewery is still putting an IPA in 650mL bottles, that's a shocker to me! Vessel Beer collaborated with Hoagie Boyz to create an IPA called Cold Cut IPA. Cold Cut is brewed with Mandarina, Bavaria, Callista and Diamant. Most of the text on the bottle is hard to read for the fact that they used a sandwich wrapper for the label, that's pretty neat. It actually kind of wants me to eat a sandwich right now.. 5.1% ABV

Appearance: Deep and bright yet opaque orange/copper brown body with a hefty amount of off-white head on top. The head diminishes pretty rapidly leaving behind a good amount of lacing on the glass as the beer gets sampled. Near the end, there's definitely a good amount of sediment so it turns into a murky orange/brown, almost like mud in appearance.

Aroma: Classic oldschool IPA wit a floral and bitter hop presence to it. Hint of pine, decent amount of lemon, hint of grapefruit, slight amount of caramel. Fairly smooth.

Taste: Floral and hoppy IPA with a moderate amount of pine, lemon, caramel, slight amount of woodiness, and a moderate bitter aftertaste at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Vessel has diverged a great deal from working on mostly cocktail styles and weird/unique styles so I feel like this could be something their sister brewery Nonsuch could do, but it's a good IPA and one in a bottle, which is beyond rare now days. Smooth, very easy to drink and probably the best IPA I've had by Nonsuch so far, it's just your classic oldschool. IPA, not too bitter, but pairs with everything. My hoagie/sub/etc of choice: a real good hot steak sandwich with BBQ sauce, lots of melted cheese, rosemary bread.. just yum!

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