Review: Capital Pecado Maligna Dark Lager

Thanks to my parents for this! They brought this beer back with them when they were on vacation to Mexico a few months back. Maligna is a dark lager brewed by Capital Pecado.

From the website (translated): Without mercy, wet your lips from me, savour the toasted malts reminiscent of espresso and raisins; My dark color and my brown foam, will make you enjoy with my light and astringent body; do not wait any longer and let yourself be flooded with my cruelty and end up inside you. 5% ABV

Appearance: Very dark brown with a bit of a cola brown-reddish hue to it. The head starts off with a light amount of beige head but diminishes rather instantly, bummer.

Aroma: Sweet, very malt forward with a hefty dose of caramel, as well as even more sweetness of butterscotch, a hint of nuttiness and a slightly roasted malt profile to give it a hint of coffee-like presence to it. Molasses.

Taste: Lighter than expected, I do get a bit of a caramel sweetness but it's pretty faint and watered down. Slightly tinny, light roasted notes to give it a hint of coffee, a slight tartness that I can't describe. Fairly straight forward and fairly light.

Overall Thoughts: Comparing to other dark-ish beers from Mexico, this one is pretty tame, but in the hot hot heat of Mexico, this would be a bit aggressive to some to beat the heat, so it's no surprise that it's fairly light in taste but it's a solid Dark Lager, nothing special but definitely drinkable.

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