Review: Modelo Especial

Now that the whole Bud Light controversy is blowing over.. apparently the most popular beer in the world is now Modelo Especial, a beer made by the Mexican division of AB-InBev, the same company that makes Bud Light. For the longest time, everyone was talking about Corona being *the* Mexican-style Cerveza for the brand but well, for most of the world - Corona is now made in their regional markets (like Edmonton for Western Canada) rather than in proper Mexico and a lot of people flat out want to travel a bit without actually getting out the passport and spending the time at the airport - so they'd rather have a beverage that someone will have to replicate the experience at least a bit. At least with Modelo, it's still currently being brewed in Mexico by Cerveceria Modelo de Mexico (for now). 4.5% ABV

Appearance: Clear with a crisp golden body to it, moderate amount of carbonation in the body and a fairly light amount of snow white head on top. The head diminishes rather quickly.

Aroma: Sharp hop profile coming up here and there - floral, piney, tad skunky.. definitely gives off a Mexican vibe. Hint of sweetness (honey) and wet hair of the dog.. ughhhh, why would people like this?  Once you get over the wet dog hair.. I can see somewhat why.. but it's mostly nostalgia I guess?

Taste: Sweet-forward lager with a bit of a honey presence to it, slight creamed corn vibe, straw, hint of bubble gum, hint of apple. Tad bready. Skunky? A tad, especially if you like nostalgia.

Overall Thoughts: Back when my opinion meant something while writing for the local newspaper, I could convince people to try an alternative. This compared to Corona - this has the skunk of Corona that I remember but the taste is surprisingly smooth, crisp. Interesting looking bottle for sure.

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