Review: Little Brown Jug Generic! Lager

The Manitoba Beercast is looking for the next "IT" beer, the beer to replace all lagers, especially with the sudden death of Molson's Standard Lager after 80+ years - a beer considered to be the "standard" of all Manitoban lagers. I'm doing my part to see what the next great Manitoban Lager/Pilsner will be with the loss of Standard Lager and the loss of my favourite Pilsner (Winnipeg Brew Werks Pils) before the big crushable beer era happened during COVID.

So here we are.. looking for the made-in-Manitoba beer that can compete with that blue or silver can made by multinational conglomerates.. but knowing me, I'll probably quit looking after a week or two. Little Brown Jug's been advertising their new Generic! Lager pretty aggressively to the point that the local Liquor Marts I've gone to all had a large display with their 12-packs and single-serve cans.. it's been a while since I've seen a Manitoban brewery do that, at least in my neck of the woods.

Little Brown Jug describes Generic! as your basic lager, just better. 4.5% ABV

Appearance: For a lager, it has a tad bit of a haziness to it. The body is reminding me of a light wheat ale more than a basic lager - lemon yellow body, hazy (as stated before), light amount of carbonation, light amount of snow white head and light amount of carbonation in the body.

Aroma: I'm not too sure what I'm getting for my first impression... everything seems ridiculously light or subtle. I do get a hint of lemon, perhaps a bit of straw, but that's about it for the most part. Well, there is a slight sweetness that's a tad reminiscent to honey that wants to pop out but fails to do so, so you have to really take it in. Too light, so far.

Taste: Again, this is incredibly light. I get a hint of lemon, a hint of honey-like sweetness, a hint of straw but really.. that's it, it's really light. Is it crushable? 110%, will an "Ultra" beer fan drink this? If the calorie count was right, sure. Too light for me.

Overall Thoughts: Part of me feels like this could be very successful for it tasting insanely beyond light in flavour but for me.. I'm wondering where the flavour is. It almost reminds me of some of the very low ABV (0.1-0.5%) brews that have to have certain flavours added to mask certain flavours, but in this beer - there's nothing masking anything because it's.. just very light. Will you like it? Probably. Myself? I'm a 1919 kind of guy. I kind of miss their actual little brown jugs. 

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