Review: Mollo 5 Cannabis Beer (non-alcoholic)

I've been on the fence about reviewing this beer but I asked a good friend of mine what I should be reviewing, this is one of the very products that came up in discussion. My reviews of non-alcoholic beers have done better than I ever expected but how will non-alcoholic cannabis beer reviews do? That's a weird zone that while it's 100% legal where I live, it's not legal for a lot of the world even though I'd say a typical beer is more dangerous to begin with. 

Months ago, I went to a local cannabis shop.. I don't remember which because they all have the same Apple Store-bright white vibe to it (as opposed to a sketchy, smelly, dark and unwelcoming vibe that beer vendors give off). I was just there to pick up some CBD pills but I saw they had a fridge of beverages, specifically a fridge of products that included beer.. beer in STUBBIES! So, here we are!

Mollo 5 is a non-alcoholic beer that contains 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBD. I was told by the budtenders at the store that it was based off of a Coors product, so looking into it, it's a collaboration between Molson Coors and Hexo Corp, so it could possibly be based off of Coors Edge, but it could also be its own recipe on its own.. I will never know.. props for the use of the stubby bottle though, something I hope becomes a thing again when/if bottles become the norm in the Canadian beer industry again. 

Appearance: Seriously don't mind the unclean looking glass, I have to deal with farm water so you get what you get. Clear, golden, surprisingly minimal to no head on top but lots of carbonation throughout the body itself.

Aroma: The first thing I got was a familiar bitterness to it, a floral, bitter, piney presence but in this case it could be from the cannabis rather from the hops. Following it, it has a very sweet caramel and grainy presence to it, as well as a tad bit of a syrupy extract for sweetness.. it's quite sweet but it's very very approachable. Tad bit of pepper at the very end.

Taste: After trying a couple cannabis/CBD candies, I expected an unwelcoming bitterness to it.. but for a beer, a bitterness is expected, so.. is it bitter? Mehhhhh, there's a tad bit of a floral presence with a hint of pepperiness following it, which could be the hops or the cannabis used. It's a bit sweeter than your typical lager, but not so much sweeter than your typical non-alcoholic lager - there's a hint of a syrupy sweetness that has a flavour I can't really describe, caramel, a bit of a right-from-the-grainery barley sweetness/graininess and a hint of corn at the end. 

Overall Thoughts: Honestly.. it's one of the better non-alcoholic beers I've had. It's quite crisp, easy to drink, floral and slightly peppery presence to it but overall.. really not bad. A tad syrupy but I could drink this again. I've sampled a good deal of lagers today and I honestly wouldn't mind drinking this again.. but at $7-ish per 341mL bottle.. it will be a very rare occasion for me, though I do think that these kind of beverages will go down in price eventually. 

Like anything, consume responsibly and don't consume and drive. I ended up finding myself intoxicated from this. 

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Mike said...

I’ve tried a few of these beverages but I was not at all impressed by any of them. I guess I was looking for it to taste like beer, but I was sorely disappointed. Meh… drink beer if you want beer and consume cannabis (in its many forms) if that’s what you want.