Review: 33 Acres 33B-Exp.003.MkVi Fluffy Cloud IPA

Right before COVID hit, 33 Acres & 33 Acres Experimental Brewing were the final two breweries I visited until much, much later in the year. Now their beers are available in Manitoba thanks to the Quality Beer Store. Today I'm checking out their Fluffy Cloud IPA which has a name I won't try typing out again after typing it manually in the title.

Rich with 33 Acres's favourite hops in unusual combinations, this beer is unique and stands out from others in the category with a slight bitterness. The resiny pithiness from judicious amounts of Citra and El Dorado carries through the mid palate and raises notes of minty tangerine and clear gummy bear. Soft and cloudy, fluffy and light, this is our favourite Hazy IPA. 6.5% ABV

Appearance: Bright and cloudy lemon yellow body to it. Thicc snow white head on top that gradually diminishes but rather slowly, leaving behind a very thick lacing on the glass. Fluffy Cloud describes the head very well.

Aroma: Very inviting! Citrus galore with a floral hop presence to it. Notes of lemon, orange zest and guava. Moderate yeastiness to give it a sourdough vibe to it. 

Taste: Dank and leafy hops are the very first things I get this time around.. I was expecting a very tropical first impression, nope, dank and leafy! The beer is still pretty sweet with a bit of guava, lemon but not really any orange zest. Tad sugary, somewhat dry mouthfeel.. is there coriander in here? I don't know but I do get a hint of spice. Aftertaste is leafy hop presence.

Overall Thoughts: Leafy, sweet, very easy to drink

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