Review: Kilter Secret Weapon Triple IPA (V3 w Cryo Pop)

Today I'm checking out Kilter's Secret Weapon Triple IPA, version 3 brewed with Cryo Pop. The beer pops out at 10% ABV so it's going to be a boozy one.. I swear I've had one of Kilter's Secret Weapon beers in the past but apparently not. 

Appearance: Very cloudy orange body with a nice amount of off-white head on top. The head dimiinshes rather gradually, leaving behind a hint of lacing on the glass but mostly a light sprinkle of the tiniest bubbles in the world on top of the beer.

Aroma: Kilter is known for insanely tropical and fruit-forward IPAs and this is no exception. It's very sweet with pineapple, guava, orange peel and lemon. There's a good deal of creaminess to the aroma to give me a bit of a creamsicle vibe to it. Slight sharp and leafy hop presence at the very end.

Taste: My goodness, this is way too smooth for a 10% Triple IPA. It's quite sweet with tropical presence of pineapple, guava and lemon. There's a very leafy hop presence, a sweet caramel malt sweetness to give it a hefty booziness. Almost a basil-like herb presence at the end.

Overall Thoughts: Way too smooth. That said, almost every Triple IPA I've ever had has generally been way too smooth for its own good. Tropical, very leafy, tingles the palate moderately.

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