Review: Le Castor Aussieland New England IPA

I remember the very day I tried something by Rigaud, Quebec's Microbrasserie Le Castor, it was their Yakima IPA - a West Coast-style IPA brewed when EVERY brewery was working on that style.. but at the time wasn't really a thing in Quebec somehow. Yakima goes back to being one of the memorable West Coast IPAs I've ever had, there just was something about it that popped out.. it didn't skimp out on the hops at all.

Today, I'm sampling their Aussieland New England Pale Ale. I was wondering what made it Australian but it contains Galaxy hops from Australia, so huh. I expect another good NEIPA, so can't wrong with that.

From their website: A New England IPA hopped with enormous amounts of Ella, Vic Secret, and Galaxy hops from Australia, showcasing their unique fruity characteristics. 6.3% ABV

Appearance: Hazy orange body, faint amount of carbonation and a head that is thick and bright white to start off but quickly diminishes yet leaves behind a good sprinkling of bubbles on the glass. 

Aroma: I don't know why but oh my, this might be one of the better NEIPAs I've had in recent memory. It's got a moderate juiciness to it, the usual fruits like pineapple, lemon, orange peel but then you suddenly get the moderately bitter yet floral and citrusy Galaxy hops which somehow give it a but of a bubble gum presence in to addition to everything.

Taste: This seems like a hybrid IPA that's definitely New England meets Australia/New Zealand. It's got a good deal of tropical presence to it, but also a very floral and leafy hop presence at the end. Bit of bubble gum, and a hint of a mintish flavour to it.

Overall Thoughts: I think this will be another Le Castor beer that will be in my mind for a long time. This is a standard New England IPA but not over the top so it doesn't give you a cringey yeast vibe at the end.. but the Australian hops to it give it a bit of a flavour that you don't expect in this style.. It pops out when this style is just exhausting as everyone has done it by now...

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