Review: Sawdust City There's No Way of Knowing Spring Saison

I have to say that Sawdust City Brewing has become one of my more sought after breweries whenever I visit the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg. Their beer has been available on and off in Manitoba for years but I vividly remember going to an LCBO in Ottawa and one of their advisors asked if we wanted a sample of their IPA straight out of a growler, it was awesome and I feel bad that the growler got ruined from our sampling but it's one of those memories you remember for life.

Today I'm sampling their There's No Way of Knowing Spring Saison. It's well deep into summer here on the prairies, but never too late to sample something, right?

As Ol’ Man Winter begrudgingly releases his icy grip, Sweet Lady Spring swoops in and softly serenades us. The snow slowly recedes, the days grow longer and we once again head outside to feel the warmth of a vibrant season. What does this new season bring us? What does the future hold? Really, there’s no way of knowing. With the bright effervescence of a spring day and flowery aromas of fresh citrus, There’s No Way of Knowing Spring Saison brings us all we love about this season. Light and breezy, this beer is the perfect accompaniment to new beginnings. So go outside and enjoy! 7.7% ABV

Appearance: The first thing I got was "this doesn't look like a Saison.. it's too straw-like and reminiscent of a lager to be a Saison!" I always find they're a hazy orange body but this looks like it'll still be nice. LOTS of snow white head on top that diminishes rather quickly, though most of it sticks to the glass at the end.

Aroma: Is this a Saison or is it a Pilsner? Well, the first thing listed on the grain bill is Pilsner malt and it gives off a very crushable, grainy and tad peppery presence to it. Then I get a moderate citrusy presence to it that's got a bit of lemon presence to it, followed by a nuttiness that I really didn't expect from the beer. Light floral hops.

Taste: I'm definitely getting the Pilsner malt popping out first and foremost - it's sweet, tad grainy, crisp and Pilsnery. There's a definite booziness popping out in this beer, good deal of breakfast cereal from the wheat, a floral presence from the hops, decent amount of lemon and a hint of bubble gum. Tad sulphury at the end though.

Overall Thoughts: Spiced, sweet, lots of Pilsner vibe to it.. quite a bit different than most Saisons I've had in recent memory. Unfortunately there's a bit of a sulphur-like presence that's annoying but it's quite easy to drink otherwise. 

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