Review: Fort Garry Peach Cobbler Sour


I was in Winnipeg a few weeks ago for my first petite vacation since April or possibly last year. I emailed Scott over at Fort Garry Brewing that I'd be in town, he told me while he won't be around - there's a couple of cans of their new and upcoming Peach Cobbler Sour waiting for me to pick up. Fort Garry has been bringing out some interesting products as of late, bringing back the classic recipe of Fort Garry Dark and brewing some solid Radlers, so while I was surprised that they're coming out with a Sour, I thought that anything was possible... hell, it was ten years ago in October when I reviewed the very first Fort Garry product that I ever felt "wow, this is different and unique!" with their Munich Eisbock. At the time their veteran-employee-turned-new-head-brewer Matt Wolff sent me an email telling me that he had read my blog in the past and was happy to see a positive review of their beer for once, so lately.. this feels like back then, a new era in the brewery to come out with new products, something different and possibly one day.. even a nice little taproom! 

From the label: A bright peach sour with cinnamon and vanilla bean. On the nose is a nice blend of fruit and spice, reminiscent of a peach cobbler. The sourness puts the peach flavour front and centre with a pleasant cinnamon finish. 5.5% ABV / 7 IBU

Appearance: Bright and cloudy amber/peachy body with a very faint layer of snow white head on top. The head doesn't go anywhere but then again there's barely any at all.

Aroma: I don't really get a sour vibe from this but I get a very autumn/thanksgiving vibe from this beer. It has a sweet peach presence to it, a hint of cream, cinnamon, brown sugar and pretty much what I would get from my mother's apple cobbler.. but replace the apple with peaches. It's sweet, a tad tart, a tad bit of a floral hop presence but sour? We shall see soon enough.

Taste: Wow, this is very much a peach cobbler in a can - very much an autumn-worthy dessert for those who absolutely hate pumpkin beers but want something for Thanksgiving.. two months from now. It's quite sweet with a very peach-forward presence to it, a LOT of cinnamon, brown sugar and a tad bit of a doughiness to it. There is a very faint sour/tartness to it but would I consider this a sour? No, this is too approachable and sweet on my palate to be a sour.

Overall Thoughts: Sour? Not really but would I drink this again? I really would! I'm not disappointed that it's not actually sour but it's enjoyable as heck, a definite autumn-time beer, which with how the weather has been getting lately, I think the constant 30C days may be over until May 2022 now. It's sweet, has a lot of cinnamon, brown sugar and even a tad bit of a breadiness. I 100% recommend this to those who like a fruity, desserty beer, as well as an alternative to pumpkin beers. 

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