Half Pints Cobra Chicken Imperial IPA

Today's sampling is Half Pints' Cobra Chicken Imperial/Triple/Octuple Dry Hopped Hazy Pale Ale/Double New England India Pale Ale.  The day I was writing this, it happened to be Half Pints' 15th anniversary.. wow how the time has flown, I remember the first time I ever tried one of their beers nearly 15 years ago and visiting the brewery for the first time in 2009 or 2010.. ah memories!

From the can: Like the internet meme to which it owes its name, Cobra Chicken (Branta Canadensis) can be tough to define. Is it a Double New England? Is it an Octuple Dry Hopped (ODH) Hazy Pale Ale? Is it a bird? Is it a snake? Is it a plane? Ok, it's not a plane. Brewed with pot stilled barley and malted oats, then dry hopped for eight straight days with Crya Amarillo and Idaho 7, the assertive brew hisses with bright citrus and tropical fruit flavours. 9.2% ABV

Appearance: Cloudy amber-orange body with a thick off-white head on top. The head diminishes pretty gradually leaving behind a nice lacing on the glass.

Aroma: Holy grapefruit batman! This brings me back memories of the first time I ever tried Bikey McBikeface, the first time I got that huge whiff of grapefruit in my face. It's got a very dank and kind of a cannabis-like presence to it, very floral and leafy, moderately bitter and quite sweet and tropically.

Taste: Pretty heavy Triple/Imperial IPA with a very sweet and tropical presence to it. While it is heavy, it's actually too smooth for its own good. Sweet with pineapple, lemon and grapefruit. Tad yeasty, sugary and a leafy and floral presence to it.

Overall Thoughts: The thing about Triple/Imperial IPAs is that they can be way too smooth for my own good and this is no exception. It's a heavy IPA but it's also very smooth, tad creamy and easy to drink.. almost to the point that I feel like I could drink a pitcher of this, but that would be a huge mistake, it will seriously bite me in the end. 

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