Review: Oxus Icarus Dry Hopped Sour

Today's review is Oxus Brewing's Icarus Dry Hopped Sour. It's described as a dry hopped kettle sour that is generously dry hopped with Galaxy hops. Tart, citrusy and refreshing. 5% ABV.

Appearance: Golden/amber body with a moderate amount of snow white head at the beginning that diminishes to almost no head at all. Light amount of carbonation in the body, moderate amount of clarity.

Aroma: Certainly sour but also has a moderate vegetal presence to it.. I'm thinking celery? I don't know. It's lemony, a tad grainy and has a floral and moderately tropical hop presence. Not obnoxious for a sour so far.

Taste: The sourness is there but it's kind of an afterthought as it mostly hits a few seconds into the sip, mainly tickling my entire tongue. It's a tad vegetal, slightly sweet, a lot of leafy and floral hop presence and a hint of tropical fruit presence at the end. The aftertaste is a heavy lime-like taste to it that is sharp but then wham.. is completely gone within a moment or so.

Overall Thoughts: Much more approachable Sour than most, which is no surprise as I've bought this a few times already. I'm not getting much from the Galaxy hops unfortunately, I was hoping more of the citrusy goodness from that Australian hop, but it does leave behind an abundance of leafy and floral notes to it. 

I'm slowly catching up on my reviews but when I picked this up, Oxus was re-opening their taproom which features beer from well, yeah, Oxus but as well as Winnipeg Brew Werks and Good Neighbour

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