Review: Torque Fake News Russian Imperial Stout (Bourbon Barrel Aged)

Review originally done back in May, 2021 but I'm behind on things!

Thanks to the peeps over at Torque Brewing, I finally got to try a Bourbon Barrel Aged version of their popular Fake News Russian Imperial Stout! Fake News has become an annual tradition for me so I'm glad to see that Torque enjoys making this beer enough (and barrel aging it!) to bring it out annually now! 10% ABV

Appearance: Just like any non-barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout, this is as dark as the night, so thick, black and has a light amount of a burnt caramel/beige head on top.

Aroma: The Bourbon is the first thing I get from this, it's got a sweet, oaky and boozy presence followed by notes of chocolate, roasted malt to give it a bit of a coffee-like profile to it. Very aromatic, gives off a good amount of goosebumps on the skin. Not overly heavy but about what I'd want in a barrel aged stout.

Taste: It's sweet with a good amount of caramel, roasted coffee-like maltiness, mildly earthy (peaty) and complimented by Bourbon and oak. It's decently wood-forward with a boozy presence, caramel and a hint of fruitiness at the end. Too smooth for 10% ABV.

Overall Thoughts: As I said in the previous sentence, a bit wayyy too smooth for 10% ABV. It's got a good amount of sweetness, moderate amount of roastiness, chocolate, desserty, boozy! The kind of stout I can sink into a chair and be just about ready for bed for. 

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