Review: Rebellion BEER! Kolsch-style Lager

I've been familiar with Rebellion Brewing a bit more than some people over the years but they've had multiple styles become their 'the beer' over time. First off with their Lentil Cream Ale, followed by their Mexican Cerveza Lager and now their BEER! Which is a Kölsch-style Lager. Mark from Rebellion was raving about BEER! a good deal for the past few months so I knew I needed to try it but it's not easily available in Manitoba, so I had to pick it up at a small town liquor store where it may be well past its expiry date, but in this case, thankfully not.

Few beers on the planet can just be called BEER! but knowing Rebellion, this will taste like the kind of beer that my parents expect to drink, the kind of beer that will replace beers like OV/Pil/Budweiser for some people.. the few who actually want to try craft beer. 4.8% ABV

Appearance: Clear and golden lager with a moderate amount of carbonation in the body. The head is thick and snow white, leaves behind a moderate lacing on the glass as it goes down.

Aroma: Very crisp barley aroma, sweet, hint of honey, lots of grass, a tad bready, pretty much the malt.. it's light as heck and approachable so far.

Taste: It's got a good deal of dryness to it, but for flavour it's decently sweet with a sweet malt/honey-like presence to it. Lots of grassiness to it, light citrus notes of lemon, light noble hop presence to it to give off a light floral hop presence at the end. I also get a tad bit of a cereal vibe to it like Corn Flakes, but just a hint. 

Overall Thoughts: So, how does it does as a BEER!? My mom didn't like it stating that it's too bitter and has too much citrus presence to it. I'm not surprised that this is Rebellion's now current most popular beer, it's a beer that tastes like what farmers and your typical prairie drinker expects from a beer. They should be putting this in a 15-pack and pricing it aggressively against the big name beers in the province.. but I have to say: holy hell, cases of beer are expensive as heck in Sask, it can be more than $10/case more than in Manitoba for crap 15-packs. Support local yo!

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