Review: Fort Garry Munich Eisbock

Review: Fort Garry Munich Eisbock by Cody La Bière
When I think of Fort Garry Brewing, I can only think of prairie style beers, beer in plastic bottles, and feeling underwhelmed
I've honestly only purchased Fort Garry beer only 5 or so times since I turned 18 as I'm just not satisfied with their beer (nor with Great Western). So when I went to the MLCC, this was the very first thing I saw. I thought it was a Russell beer because of the painted label, something that Russell is known for, but remember - Russell owns Fort Garry. So, I wonder, is Fort Garry trying to go after a beer connoisseur clientèle, finally? This is their very first specialty beer I've seen, that I want to try.

Fort Garry's Munich Eisbock is a 9.5% Eisbock-style beer with an IBU of 45, so you can tell I was kind of excited (for once) to try a Fort Garry product. 9.5%? Could be interesting. It was around $6.50 for a 650mL serving, so it was a bit pricey but it could always be worth it. Was it?

Appearance: The beer comes in a 650mL bottle, with painted graphics, which I love. Pours reddish-brownish, not hazy - which is very reminiscent of their regular Dark Ale.. I sure hope this isn't just their Dark Ale re-packaged. The beer has minimal-to-no foam.

Aroma: A bit of a caramel aroma to it, as well as a bit of maltiness that you're used to from Fort Garry's Dark Ale. Not spectacular. Supposed to have a "slightly spicy hop character" but I don't notice it.

Taste: Strong, incredibly strong. It almost stings my tongue, it's that strong in flavour. In that sense, it reminds me a bit of Half Pints' Rigamarole Rye Ale. Very malty, bit of a rich caramel taste, has a bit of a smokiness? that hits the front of my tongue, I can't really describe it. This really isn't their regular dark ale because I can feel myself quickly getting buzzed (I've only had three minimal sips). Quite bitter, slightly creamy, but very drinkable.

Overall Thoughts: Quite interesting considering this comes from Fort Garry. Easily their best product (so far). The taste is bitter, sweet and buzzing me, quickly. Not something I would buy regularly, but I will likely save a few bottles for Christmas. I hope Fort Garry does more special releases like this.

The back of the bottle the description states: The Fort Garry Brewmaster Series introduces the Munich Eisbock. Originally made as a high gravity Doppelbock (8%) this beer was then frozen to remove a large percentage of water which in turn increased the alcohol content (9.5%) and heightened the flavour profile. This beer has a forward malty sweetness from the Munich malt, with a wonderful sharp clean bitterness to it. It has a full, creamy mouth-feel that coats the palate nicely. The aroma has a slightly spicy hop character balanced with a malty note. Made with German Pilsner and Munich malts plus traditional Hallertau Aroma Hops and Nugget Bitter Hops.


Kinthelt said...

Oooooo, I gotta get me some of that!

Cody Lobreau said...

The selection at the LC I frequent is disappearing quickly, so get on that! If they keep doing beers like this, they will attract some connoisseurs. I still don't trust any brewery that sells beer in plastic bottles.

Dan said...

So tasty. I'm no beer scholar but I know what I like. And I like this a lot. I'm biased however, since I really like all FGB beers.