Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen Naturtrüb

I just finished volunteering for my very first election campaign, so after a month you can bet I'm absolutely exhausted. Unfortunately, the candidate didn't win.

Time to drink my sorrows away. I decided on Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen Naturtrüb by Binding-Brauerei. Whenever I saw this beer at the MLCC, I thought it was that grapefruit beer I cringe at every time I saw it at the LC, but no.. it actually wasn't. This is actually a Hefeweizen, apparently. So no grapefruit? deal!

Appearance: Comes in a 500mL bottle. Pours a colour identical to the label, a grapefruit colour, hazy. The lighting of the camera didn't help. The foam just stuck there, didn't go down, nor did you hear any fizzing if you put your ear near the glass.

Aroma: That's a weizen! Nice citrusy aroma, like a medley of bananas and oranges.

Taste: I've been craving a beer for 6 hours now. There isn't much of a taste to it, it's light on the tongue, not acidic. It's pretty bland, I taste a creamsicle, with a hint of banana. There's not much to this beer.

Value: $2.50 for a 500mL bottle, so it's not expensive. I got 2 air miles for this so it was a decent purchase. It's just pretty boring overall.

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