Review: John Sleeman Presents Fine Porter

Review: John Sleeman Presents Fine Porter

It's been 3-4 years since I last had John Sleeman Presents - Fine Porter.

I remember first trying it back around Christmas 2004, I was sick, my throat hurt, I couldn't talk, but I was able to drink some porter. It was the very first porter I ever had in my life. So it's great to see it back again.

Sleeman's Fine Porter is part of a specialty series of beers that includes that, as well as an India Pale Ale. Their India Pale Ale was what made me realize that Labatt and Alexander Keith were lying to me the entire time.

Appearance: Comes in the standard clear glass bottles that we're known to seeing from Unibroue. It has a dark caramel brown appearance, that's very similar to a cola. Very minimal head that diminishes immediately

Aroma: Sweet roasted malts that reminds me slightly of a coffee stout. Has the smell of Christmas, as it seems that I only drink stouts around that time of year.

Taste: Not that complex of a taste. Light on the tongue, taste of roasted malts, as well as a bit of coffee. That's about it, really. I remembered it being a bit creamier and heavier, but your tastes change as you get older, and my beer tastes have changed dramatically since 2004/2005. With that being said, It's very drinkable, especially on chilly evenings.

Overall Thoughts: It is $10.18 or so before tax, so very affordable for a 6-pack. It has an ABV of 5.5%. I expected more of an umph but my taste buds expect more complexity now, but it's still very drinkable.

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