Review: Half Pints' Oktoberfest Lager (2009)

Half Pints' Oktoberfest Lager (2009) by Cody La Bière
Cleaning out the fridge the other day made me realize I had beers in the fridge that are unopen and undrunk dating back to 2009. So to solve this, time to drink some!

Tonight's selection, in time for Canadian Thanksgiving (and Oktoberfest) is Half Pints' Oktoberfest Lager. Actually, I'm not sure if this was purchased back in 2008 or 2009, but I'll assume 2009. As you can see, I'm a beer hoarder.

Half Pints no longer makes the Oktoberfest beer, so it's going to be a treat to have. I originally tried their Oktoberfest beer back in 2008, I remember I liked it, but hey, 2008 was a long time ago!

Appearance: Pours a nice copper red-brown colour that makes my mouth water, looks like it will be a nice sweet beer. The head is quite thick, especially for a beer this old, an eggshell beige colour, its slowly diminishing.

Aroma: A slight citrusy, hoppy aroma, with a floral hint. A bit of a slight caramel sweetness to it.

Taste: Sweet, slightly caramel, nice toastiness that reminds me of autumn. In the back of the mouth I can sense a bit of hoppy bitterness lingering with the caramel goodness. Pretty good, not overpowering for those who are fussy beer drinkers. Only 22 IBU.

Thoughts: It was $2 and some change when I bought it (2008 or 2009?) After the two or three years it has been in my fridge, it still has a freshness that reminds me of when I first tried this beer in 2008. This is why I like to hoard beer, generally it can last long periods of time before going stale. It has an ABV of 6.2% so you may get a bit of warmth with it. This beer's no longer made so I may be one of the last people to drink this beer ever again, unless if they do produce it in the future.


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Look out for Smoktoberfest next week, that will be amazing. Ive only had two smoked beers before but it has a taste profile thats really unique