Review: Rogue Chipotle Ale

Review: Rogue Chipotle Ale by Cody La Bière

I wanted a special beer to be a special treat for my 100th unique beer check-in for Untappd. I've never had a chipotle ale, nor have I had a Rogue Ale for quite a while, so it was about time to hit two birds with one stone by trying Rogue Chiptole Ale.
I'm intrigued in the idea of a chipotle ale, is it spicy? I'm not someone who likes spicy foods, so it kind of scares me, but it could taste good.. let's see.

Appearance: 650mL bottle, painted label, which is always great. The beer pours a (only slightly) hazy honey-amber with a minimal. eggshell head, that's not going anywhere.

Aroma: A bit smokey wood aroma with a bit of a malty sweetness.

Taste I expected a spicy beer, but you don't notice the spiciness quick enough but it's not overwhelming. It has quite a smokey wood taste. I've never tried any foods with chipotle in them so it could be a chipotle flavour (duh?!) but certainly smokey. I really do like the spiciness it does give at the back of the tongue.

Overall thoughts: I expected a spicy beer, and it is a spicy beer. That's really a first for me. I expected a sweeter hoppier taste, but it was much more smokier than anything else. The back of the tongue is where the spiciness of the chipotle hits, which is interesting. Very much an interesting beer. It's around $6.50 for a 650mL bottle and has an ABV of 5.2% so it won't get you buzzed. I probably will try this again, but this is NOT a beer that lightweights would want to try.

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