Review: Warka Strong Premium Beer

Review: Warka Strong Premium Beer by Cody La BièreSecond and last review for tonight, Warka Strong by Warka Brewery in Warka, Poland.

Another beer I've never heard or, so I had to try. It was around $3.66 for a 500mL bottle, with an ABV of 7%. It considers itself a "Premium quality beer" - that's a strike one right there, no "premium quality" beer have the word "premium" ON the label.. uh oh..

Appearance: Light copper brown colour, very see-through. Close to no head, at all. Blah.

Aroma: Very malty, kind of sweet like caramel.

Taste: Tastes like every beer that has the word "premium on it" - Corny, malty, has a bit of sweetness to it.. it truly reminds me of Bitburger but much sweeter.

Overall thoughts: Not worth the $3.66. This Polish beer isn't the best I'll ever have. It reminds me of any generic European lager, but darker & stronger. Get rid of the corn, please.

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