Review: Half Pints' Rigamarole Rye Ale

Half Pints' Rigamarole Rye Ale by Cody La Bière
Another Half Pints review tonight!
This time it's Rigamarole Rye Oak Aged Ale. I would have never gotten to try this beer if it hadn't been for my friend Adrian, thanks Adrian!

I grew up on Rye, I remember being 4-5 years old, my dad had a cup full of rye, and I went "I want some!" because I thought it was iced tea (yes, I thought they were drinking iced tea, because of the colour). I drank the cup completely, and I still remember it tasting like hell, but I kept my composure, because I didn't want them to be right.

The Rigamarole Rye Ale a seasonal (limited release) product by Half Pints. I believe they released it last year too.

Appearance: I love the label on the beer, a man trying to hold onto a barrel of rye, as the rope holding onto the barrel snaps. The beer pours a thick heavy dark brown colour, almost like milk chocolate. It has a bit of a coppery hue. You an automatically tell that this is going to be a very very heavy beer. When pouring the beer, it almost sounds like you're actually pouring a can of Coke, very carbonated at the beginning. The head is a light yellow, bread colour.

Aroma: I think the first thing I smell is vinegar, as if I'm about to eat a bag of salt and vinegar chips, pretty sour aroma. Actually, Oak wood. Which makes sense as the beer was AGED in Oak whiskey barrels.

Taste: Wow, this is a strong one. Every sip I take, it gives me shivers. That's not a bad thing. This isn't something most people can drink. It's a slow sipping beer. It reminds me a bit of Unibroue's Maudite, with a hint of whiskey sweetness that hits the tongue. A bit creamy feeling, and lastly a bit of oak to it as well. Reminds me of a barbecuse sauce, somewhat.

Overall: This is a very strong beer, with hints of whiskey in the beer, lots of oak as well - considering that it was aged in Oak barrels, but surprisingly very oak-like. It has an ABV of 9.5% and IBU of 58 so this will get you buzzed. It will be hard to gulp this down as it is a slow sipping beer, reminiscent of drinking rye. Every single sip hits my tongue strongly, very flavourful.

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