Review: Sir John La douce lumière de l'aube DDH IPA

Today's sampling is La douce lumière de l'aube Double Dry Hopped IPA by La Chute, Quebec's Brasserie Sir John. When I first heard about Sir John twoish years back, I wondered why the heck would a Quebec brewery name a beer after Sir John A Macdonald but it's not at all - it's actually named after Sir John Johnson, huh. 

This IPA is brewed with Citra and Belma hops and tops out at 6.4% ABV and judging by all the other Quebec reviews I've done lately, this will be a NEIPA/Juicy/Hazy IPA, bring it on!

Appearance: Much more of a murky lemon yellow body than expected, somewhat orange hue to it. Moderate thickness of off-white head but quickly diminishes to leave behind just a hint of bubbles here and there on top of the beer. Don't mind the photo, the heat and humidity screwed with my lens a tad 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Aroma: Floral, leafy, yeasty and tropical. I can already taste the yeast from just smelling it.. it's going to be gritty, bitter and doughy. Notes of guava and pineapple and a hint of pepper that tingles the nostrils a tad at the end.

Taste: Judging by the aroma, I was expecting the tropical notes would be subdued but in reality... they're aggressive as heck! It's got heavy sweetness of guava and pineapple, as well as a bit of lemon zest. Surprisingly a tad sugary and tastes a tad green as in this beer probably could age a week or two.. but I'm not sure how young/old this is but there's a lot of floral, leafy and bitter hops just hitting my tongue aggressively, moreso than most beers of this style. The yeast wasn't as aggressive as expected though it does give off a bitter yet doughy presence at the very end. 

Overall Thoughts: Quite sweet, perhaps I should have let this age another week or two but I really liked this one.. but Cody, do you ever get bored of New England IPAs? Yes, yes I do, in fact I've been drinking mostly lagers this summer and only drinking this kind of beer when it's time for a review for the most part, so sporadically having this style doesn't bore me at all! Santé!

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