Review: Torque Roadrunner Raspberry Wheat Ale

It's been a good couple months since my last visit to Winnipeg. I stopped into Torque as I always do and Torque co-owner John let me know that the brewery was going through product re-branding in the near future. Fast forward to now, It looks like their Roadrunner Raspberry Wheat Ale is one of the first beers to showcase the new re-branding. Personally, I like the new branding but I find it a bit too busy but I'm thinking that not every beer will have the same branding, but still nice either way, even before I looked at the name, I had a hunch that it was going to be a raspberry beer.

Appearance: Bright raspberry reddish-purple body that pretty much looks like tropical punch sort of cooler if you didn't see the massive off-white/pinkish head on top. When you see a beer with an appearance like this, you know it will be fruity.

Aroma: Whoa - the raspberry is STRONG on this one. Well, raspberry-forward beers tend to be very aggressive but this one is overflowing in aroma to the point I can smell it a foot away from the glass. It's sweet, moderately but not too tart, yeasty and quite jam-like. 

Taste: Quite sweet and fruit punchy - full on raspberry with a good deal of sugary sweetness. It's not as quite as tart as expected, so it certainly goes down really, really well on a hot prairie afternoon. Good amount of jam-like presence in this beer, very crushable and smooth. 

Overall Thoughts:  Comparing to their most popular Wheat Ale, Witty Belgian, this.. well, I can't compare the two - both are Wheat Ales but completely different.. this one is full raspberry while Witty Belgian is all about the orange peel/zest and coriander.. but both are meant for the mean hot prairie summers. If this were any sweeter, I think it could almost be considered a fruity malt cooler, so if you like that sort of thing, you'll for sure enjoy this. Surprisingly only 4.5% ABV

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