Review: Rebellion Blast Off! Hoppy Pilsner

Today I'm checking out Blast Off Hoppy Pilsner from Rebellion Brewing. As you can tell, it's a Hoppy Pilsner, made in the German style. 4.8% ABV

Appearance: This is the cloudiest Pilsner I've seen in a good amount of time. It has a golden straw body to it, a lot of micro-carbonation in the body and a half finger's worth of snow white head. Pretty stellar looking Pilsner so far!

Aroma: Definitely a hop-forward Pilsner with a floral and piney presence to it. Good amount of citrus that's mostly lemon, a bit of a graininess from the malt, a hint of honey for sweetness, and a hint of crackers at the end.

Taste: A Pilsner with a good amount of dryness to it, notes of crackers, a hint of honey, a bit of graininess and a good hop profile to it - light notes of pine, a hint of alfalfa, lemon and smidgen of grapefruit. The aftertaste lingers more than your typical crafty German-style Pilsner, pretty much a tingling of the hops.

Overall Thoughts: Solid German-style Pilsner. I think I might like this more than their Cerveza-style Lager - it's what I want out of a German-style Pilsner, so it's easy to drink, crisp, smooth, great hop profile you don't see in most other German Pilsners.. it's actually a bit bitter.

I've stated for a very, very long time that the prairies are all about Pilsners, but for the most part it was a statement that beer on the prairies was bland and mediocre and breweries focused more on brewing Pilsners while the newest trends were on the back burner. Fast forward to now, Pilsners are still Pilsners but they are getting more attention from the brewers, making them stand out from the Molbatts and taste great whether if you're just finishing doing lawn care/working the fields or just to savour while watching TV. You can find this beer in pretty much all of Saskatchewan as well as at the Quality Beer Store in Winnipeg. 

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