Review: Boombox Subsonic India Pale Ale

Today's review is Boombox Brewing's Subsonic India Pale Ale. Subsonic is a Sessionable Hazy IPA that tops out at 4% ABV.

Appearance: Hazy orange/pineapple juice appearance to it with a frothy white head on top that barely moves as it warms up, but leaves behind a layered lacing once it does go down.

Aroma: Decently juice-forward with notes of pineapple, orange peel and melon. Good amount of sweetness to it, a mild floral presence and a bit of leafiness as well. Light tartness and a bit of yeastiness to it.

Taste: This is only 4% ABV? Tastes pretty much like any Hazy IPA at 5-6.5% ABV. It's sweet, a tad grainy and decently tropical with notes of pineapple, orange peel and lemon. Bit of a sharpness from the yeast. Bit of a bitterness from the hops, as well as a leafy/floral presence to it. Not much of an aftertaste to it, pretty much just a hint of yeast.

Overall Thoughts: While not as juicy as most of their beers.. it's pretty flavourful for being only 4% ABV. Quite smooth for taste, moderately juicy and good amount of yeast in each sip.

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