Review: Rebellion Tovey Tribute: Blood Orange Ginger Ale

Thanks Greg for sending a can of this my way! Today I'm sampling Tovey Tribute: Blood Orange Ginger Ale brewed by the Lady Rebels Beer Club at Rebellion Brewing in Regina, with proceeds going to the Regina YWCA. 5.5% ABV

Appearance: Bright golden straw body with a lot of carbonation in the body. The head is white and diminishes only a tad as it gets savoured.

Aroma: Very sweet and juice forward with predominantly pineapple but as well as blood orange. I get a hint of ginger but mostly everything I'm getting is the juice. Aside from that, I don't really get anything else - no noticeable hoppiness to it.

Taste: Well, I took a rather large first sip of this beer expecting the same sweetness as the aroma.. Well, was I wrong?! My mouth and throat are now on fire as it's incredibly spicy thanks to the ginger. The spiciness lingers for a good moment, to the point that it almost tastes like there's some peppers in this beer as well. Once you get past the heat you get the sweetness of pineapple and blood orange - it's quite sweet and juice-forward but pretty much gets masked by the spice of the ginger. Once the ale has warmed up a bit and my palate is used to the spiciness, the spice isn't as intense and the pineapple/blood orange come out more, but my mouth is tingling the entire time I drink this beer.

Overall Thoughts: I reviewed a jalapeño Gose by Ravens Brewing a couple weeks ago and I think that this one is just possibly even spicier than the Gose. I've had a few beers with ginger in them over the years but nothing as spicy and gingery as this one, my mouth is still tingling a good deal! Decent amount of sweetness to it but as we saw.. spicy! 

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